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March 26, 2015 · 6:41 am

Out the Gate With Illustrator

Dalton for WordPress jpg Portrait as JPEG Ted for WordPress

A couple of years ago I took an Adobe Illustrator class at the local Jr. Collage. This class was challenging, fun, frustrating, worthwhile and creatively inspiring. One of the very first projects was to create an image of myself using only text and symbols. I became fascinated with free transforming numbers and letters and manipulating them into facial features. With my new found skills I created a couple of “text portraits” for family members and incorporated personalized text into the images. I found this was a fun, creative and fairly simple gift to give.

Moving forward in the Illustrator software I found the “blob” project to be equally challenging yet creatively satisfying. I was able to incorporate color with this project and found I could create a life like image of someone by mastering the eraser tool (click image once to enlarge).Ryan Blob for WordPress


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Macro In The House, 1st Installment

I started to watch a movie the other day and as the film began the camera panned in real close to all the items in the room. The feeling of “pleasing” started to jump across my synaptic gap and I thought, “why don’t I shoot some close-ups in my house?” This post includes a few from that first shoot. I plan to do a couple more but I have to do some serious dusting first (click once on image to enlarge).

_DSC0646 _DSC0645 macro rider macro mirror macro doll heads macro doll head 2 macro crusifixmacro cuppie macro bottles

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Family, My Story To Tell

IMG_1278 DSC_0495 copy _DSC7369 _DSC6951 _DSC6946 _DSC6932 _DSC6734 _DSC3782 _DSC3766 _DSC3662 _DSC2914 _DSC2901 Shasta Sierra 3 Shasta Sierra 1 Girls at Regional 3 Girls at Regional 2 Girls at Regional 1

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IPhone Action

SimerothNaparedvines  SimerothNapa132SimerothNapaplants  SimerothNapa054 SimerothNapa050 SimerothNapa049 Paradux 2SimerothNapa055

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Adding A Little Color


The next drawing class I took we had a number of projects assigned where we could finally introduce color into our work. I had never really worked with pastels or colored pencils so this was a fun adventure. I was amazed at the blending I could get with the pastels and the detail I could achieve with the colored pencils (click on image once to enlarge).

_DSC7510 (2)

This was an abstract pastel drawing that I cut up and re-created collage style.

For Georgia

My tribute to Georgia O’Keefe

Fantasy Final for blog

Colored pencil fantasy drawing with an Asian flare





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