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Challenge Met

Johnny Depp

Bear Grylls

Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters

A couple of years ago I was creating my photography and art blog for my Trends In Technology class and I wanted to include works from other artists that I know. I asked my brother Ted Simpson if I could post some of his pencil drawings. He consented but the problem was I didn’t have any recent work. In fact, all I had was work he had done from 20 plus years ago. So I challenged him to get back to the drawing board. The drawings he has created since that challenge are nothing short of amazing. Postings here are of some recognizable celebrities and two drawings of his beautiful friend Sarah. Challenge met Simpsonian (my nickname for him). I suspect next I will be posting some of his photography soon, right Ted?






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Harken Back

Art has always been a big part of my family’s life so when I had children, my brother Ted was a logical artist to approach to do some pencil drawings for me. The mother and child drawing is a rendering of me and my infant son from around 1981. Ted drew the ballerina for me a few years later when I decided to decorate my daughters room with a ballerina theme. Unfortunately Ted stopped drawing shortly thereafter. I hope to inspire him to draw again with this blog.

Mom and son Ballerina 2


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